Charlotte Family Housing

Emergency Preparedness Tips and Plans for You

Dear CFH Families –

We have put together some emergency preparedness tips and plans for you. It is important to be prepared for an emergency, but please don’t panic. Charlotte will likely see strong storms, but nothing of the magnitude that Florida and states farther south will experience.

Here are a few Quick Tips, with more detailed Emergency Preparedness Plans attached

Tips include:

Outside your House

  • The wind can turn objects like patio furniture, kids toys, trash cans, potted plants, fallen branches and small grills into flying missiles. Bring any loose items inside or tie them down.
  • Look for tree branches that might fall – let your landlord know, or if you can, simply get them down
  • Check your gutters / downspouts to make sure they are clear.
  • Close and lock windows and doors

Inside your House

  • Stock up on batteries and flashlights in case of a power outage
  • Make sure that phones, etc. are fully charged
  • Take photos / video of the inside PRIOR to the storm (furniture, computers, etc.) in case you need to submit an insurance claim
    • Remember – your landlord’s insurance only coves the structure; YOUR Renters Insurance will cover your belongings
  • Freeze gallon-sized Ziploc bags of water to use as ice-blocks in case of a power outage. You can also use the melting ice as a water source in case of a loss of water (NOT anticipated for Charlotte for this storm)
  • Make sure windows are CLOSED and locked
  • If the power goes out, unplug computers, televisions, and appliances until it is restored. There is frequently a surge of electricity when it comes back on that can damage your electronics and appliances.

General Preparations

  • Know where to go in case of emergency; discuss a family emergency plan
  • Keep an eye on the news and path of the Hurricane, sign up for alerts
  • Be sure you have copies of:
    • Birth Certificates / Adoption Certificates
    • Marriage License/ Divorce papers
    • Social Security Cards
    • Passport / Green Card
    • Will / Emergency Directives
    • Insurance Policies
    • Bank Statements
    • Storing all of these items close together (a fire proof / water proof box is recommended) means you can locate and grab them quickly of you need to
  • Make sure to have a small amount of cash on you

We have also attached a more detailed Family Emergency Plan and Emergency Preparedness information from FEMA and so that you can do some long term planning

If you have friends and family evacuating from points south, and coming to stay with you in your home, the Charlotte Housing Authority has given us advice on how to handle the additional occupants in your home. They are going to be lenient on unauthorized occupants with FL Drivers Licenses for the near future. Please reach out to your landlord if you will be taking in friends and family, and follow their guidance.

Emergency Preparedness Information 09-2018.docx
FEMA Family Emergency Plan.pdf