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A Budding Relationship

Shared with us by Tom Lott, a volunteer with Community Matters: Insurance Partners of Charlotte 

Dan, myself and some friends of mine had the opportunity to move Kristin into her new home. Not a surprise, but we got more out of this than she did. I had some time with Kristin where she shared her experience, and perhaps more importantly, her changed outlook on life, where she went from a time of helplessness and embarrassment to a time of empowerment. She talked about the importance of self-sufficiency and I swear I was listening to Stephen Smith talking passionately about the mission of Charlotte Family Housing (CFH). It hit me at that time, that the CFH vision is becoming a reality. I believe vision is a hard thing to achieve, but turning vision into reality is the hardest thing to do…and you all are achieving it at CFH. Dan and I were very impressed with Kristin – she will be successful and now I see how your approach is working. Thanks for all you have done to impact all the Kristins of the world and their kids. We are lucky that Community Matters is now associated with Charlotte Family Housing. Read the rest of the newsletter here.

Shared with us by Kristin, a Charlotte Family Housing participant

I wanted to extend my deepest gratitude for all that you’ve done for my family this weekend! Without your help my home would still be in disarray! My two youngest boys loved how their new room was set-up! We now have a living room space where we can all come together and watch movies and enjoy each other thanks to you putting together our TV stand! We can look at our home and take pride in it, something that I feared I wouldn’t be able to do. We all thank you from the bottom of our hearts! You are a blessing from God. Your selfless acts for my family are greatly appreciated! Your time and effort to arrange the items in our house has now turned it into our home! Read the rest of the newsletter here.

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