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Back to School for One Family In CFH

 By Stephen Smith, Executive Director

I ran into one of our clients yesterday, and she was so excited. She told me that she works for Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools and usually she is really stressed out when school starts up again because she could never budget her money to last during the summer months. She was so excited because this year was different. She budgeted her money over the summer and saved. In fact, she was ecstatic because her September rent is already paid in full!  

She was so happy and told me how good it felt not to be “stressed out.” She couldn’t stop smiling and she kept telling me how much she appreciated our program. She said that it really made a difference, and she was happy that we held her accountable to save her money.

At Charlotte Family Housing, our clinically trained social workers partner with our families to help them achieve the financial independence they need to become self-sufficient. We don’t adhere to the old charity models that enable families; we believe that as their personal accountability increases, dependability decreases. In fact, we expect families to exit our program with an increase in household income and an increase in their assets.   

It was great to hear our client’s story yesterday and see how the first day of school was not a story of being “stressed out” but a story of excitement as she sees her progress toward self-sufficiency.

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