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A Landlord Perspective

Donald Jacobs is one of the many landlords that partner with CFH and our families. Since 2012, Donald and his family owned company, Jay Realty Corporation, have rented homes to six CFH families. If you ask Donald why he chose to partner with CFH, he’ll quickly tell you that CFH has an end game that distinguishes us from many other organizations in the community.

Donald learned about CFH from our lead housing resource coordinator, Elizabeth Kurtz. It was in that meeting that Donald began to understand CFH’s empowerment model and see the professionalism of our staff. “They make me want to do more – help more families.” When working with our families, he follows the same due diligence process as he would if he were renting to anyone. He understands that our families have fallen on hard times and need a chance to get back on their feet. Donald also knows that CFH demands no less from our families than he does from his tenants – pay rent on time, maintain the residence and communicate. He also thinks that the CFH inspections are more demanding than any other organization he’s worked with. This makes him want to do as much as possible to help. “It feels right to partner with CFH.”

One of his favorite things about working with CFH is lease signing day, when he gets to see the new tenants get so excited to have their own space and to no longer have to share with strangers. “It’s almost like graduation for them – they are moving up!”

Some landlords may be hesitant to partner with CFH or other organizations like ours in the community, but Donald says, “Partnering with an organization like CFH makes lives better and that’s what matters. By giving families a roof over their heads, we’re giving them a better quality of life.”

Charlotte Family Housing is always in need of landlords throughout the city to partner with our families. If you are interested in learning how you can support families on their journey from homelessness to housing, please contact Elizabeth Kurtz at

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