About Pedro Perez

Pedro Perez is committed to serving the underserved. He helps people in poverty gain access to housing, education, sustainable employment, and entrepreneurial opportunities, exemplifying his commitment to equity and social justice.

Raised by a single mother, Pedro has a personal story of economic mobility. When his father left the home, his mother did not speak English, but quickly took steps to learn the language and obtain her GED. She then pursued and obtained her LPN, bachelor’s and master’s degree, becoming a registered nurse and ultimately a nursing administrator for the local hospital.

Following in his mother’s footsteps of hard work and achievement, he rose to the rank of brigadier general in the New York State Police and served as acting superintendent during Governor Spitzer’s and Governor Paterson’s administrations. He made New York State Police history by becoming the highest-ranking Afro-Caribbean Taíno Indian. Throughout his 29-year tenure with this statewide policing agency, he advocated assertively and helped actualize greater inclusion of men and women of color within its ranks. He was also inspired to pursue higher learning by his mother. Perez has a Master of Public Administration from Marist College, and he is a certified national trainer/presenter for the AHA process - Bridges Out of Poverty.

Pedro is dedicated to helping those living in poverty gain access to safe housing, educational opportunities, and economic success, with a focus on people of color. His background includes serving as the executive director of the Capital District YMCA and the My Brother’s and Sister’s Keeper Initiative, and project director of the Empire State Poverty Reduction Initiative at CARES. Pedro believes the struggle for our full participation in the American Dream must be sought for each of us if we are ever to be treated with the dignity and respect that is our birthright. He will now devote his energy and passion to helping the families served by Charlotte Family Housing find and keep housing. He will work with the Charlotte Family Housing team aid these families get the skills necessary for self- sufficiency.

On a personal note, Pedro is also a Kyoshi seventh-degree black belt in Myo Suki Ryu Jujitsu and Renshi sixth- degree black belt instructor of karate. He is an Afro-Caribbean master conguero (conga drummer) who performs in the capital region of New York, nationally, and internationally with his own Mambo Dragons band, as well as several other musical groups. Also, he enjoys playing chess albeit at times ineptly with some of his colleagues.

Pedro developed a unique philosophy on how to treat people during his time working in the police force and still applies it in his relationships with others today.

Pedro Perez