We serve moms and dads. We serve families.

We serve the invisible, working poor.

We give a hand up not a hand out. We empower.

Affordable Housing, low wages, economic mobility.
These are real issues that affect families.
We don’t just talk. We take action.

Our mission is to empower working families experiencing homelessness to achieve life-long self-sufficiency through shelter, housing, supportive services, and advocacy.

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From Homelessness to Homeownership: Lamont's Inspiring Story, by StoryNow

Charlotte Family Housing


95% Graphic

95 Percent of Families Exit the Housing Phase into Unsubsidized Permanent Housing

95% Graphic

97 Percent of Families Sustain Housing for At Least Two Years Upon Completing the Charlotte Family Housing Program

95% Graphic

74 Percent of Families Exiting CFH Maintain or Increase their Household Income

During the Fiscal year 2019-2020:

  • CFH served 224 families and 465 children
  • 86% of families exiting the CFH program maintained or increased their household income
  • 95% of families exited the Housing Phase into unsubsidized, permanent housing
  • 96% of families sustained housing for at least two years after completing the CFH program (based on 86% client response rate)

Between the fiscal years 2012-2020, Charlotte Family Housing served:


Who We Are

Charlotte Family Housing is a shelter-to-housing program for homeless families. But who we are isn’t simply defined by what we do, but rather, how we do it.  
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How We Serve

While we primarily serve single mothers with children, we are also one of the limited options for single fathers with children and two-parent families.
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Who We Serve

Our staff of highly trained social workers and housing coordinators partner with our families to define the path that will ultimately lead them to obtaining and maintaining housing.
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How We Empower

CFH’s unique empowerment-driven model is designed to produce healthy, deep, measurable and lasting change with our family participants and volunteers.
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