Data Gathering and Analysis

We focus on tracking outcomes to monitor our efforts and make adjustments if needed along the way. This ensures that we remained focused on employing the right tools to help our families achieve long-term self-sufficiency.

During the fiscal year 2018-2019:

  • CFH served 207 families and 432 children
  • 74% of families exiting the CFH program maintained or increased their household income
  • 84% of families exited the Housing Phase into unsubsidized, permanent housing
  • 98% of families sustained housing for at least two years after completing the CFH program (based on 85% client response rate)

Our Impact & Outcomes to Date

94% Graphic

94 percent of families exit the Housing Phase into unsubsidized permanent housing

97% Graphic

97 percent of families sustain housing for at least two years upon completing the Charlotte Family Housing program

72% Graphic

72 percent of families exiting CFH maintain or increase their household income