Program Description

Charlotte Family Housing Description

Shelter Phase

Working families experiencing homelessness begin their journey to self-sufficiency at one of Charlotte Family Housing’s two HUD-compliant shelter facilities, Plaza Place or Hawthorne Place. Families in each of the shelters are empowered to manage a household budget, establish healthy routines, and become more involved in their children’s education–all of which improve the quality of a child’s educational experience of attending school and improving academic performance. Social workers work intensively with all family members to address health and wellness problems that present barriers to maintaining housing, in addition to the multitude of issues that led to their becoming homeless and overcome them as they become self-sufficient.

Plaza Place is a 15-bedroom house located on The Plaza that provides short-term shelter for homeless families while providing comprehensive support. All families have their own bedroom and most have their own bathroom (smaller families may share a bathroom). A large living room is shared for group meetings and for family time in the evenings. Each family has access to a small refrigerator and cabinets to store their own food and is responsible for cooking their own meals.

Hawthorne Place is a six-bedroom church wing located on Hawthorne Lane (inside St. John’s Baptist Church) that provides short-term shelter for homeless families while providing comprehensive support. All families have their own bedroom and may share a bathroom with another family “Jack and Jill” style. Meals are shared “family style” two nights a week and for Sunday lunch, and families have access to their own refrigerator/cabinets to prepare their own meals the other nights of the week. Staffing is provided by a combination of paid employees and volunteers.

Housing Phase

Housing is provided via vacant apartments and homes all around the community. The size of the unit and the rent range are determined by staff, while the participant has input into the location (as availability allows). These factors are dependent on family size and the amount of income of each participant. Rent is calculated using a consistent formula for all participants. One year of social work services are provided to the family with the potential for renewal if the family continues to meet eligibility requirements. Families also have the opportunity to partner with a Hope Team, a group of 3-6 volunteers that provide support and encouragement.

All families in the housing phase receive the support of a Clinical Family Social Worker to help eliminate their barriers to maintaining housing, especially relating to areas of financial knowledge, children’s education, and health and wellness (including mental health and addiction support).