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Sheneathia's son gave her a Mother's Day gift that said, "You make me feel safe." These precious words are particularly poignant, considering the crises Charlotte Family Housing (CFH) program graduate Sheneathia and her three children endured. Sheneathia's dream of marital, housing, and family stability deteriorated into a nightmare, when domestic violence ultimately led to homelessness.

Connecting with us through a domestic violence shelter, Sheneathia took advantage of many CFH programs over a two-year period that empowered her on her path to self-sufficiency.

Sheneathia graduated from our program and achieved her goal of home ownership earlier this year! She also progressed from a warehouse job to a housing coordinator for a major housing and mortgage assistance provider.

Her children endured harassment, when classmates discovered they were homeless. But, today, Sheneathia reports that their journey has taught her children that "hard work can get you through hard times" and they have a positive outlook and confidence in dealing with life changes.

Sheneathia greatly appreciates that, during an exceedingly stressful time, her social worker had no bias, provided clarity, and helped rebuild her self-esteem. She is thankful that Charlotte Family Housing is "there to help you help yourself."


Lamont Simmons Family
After gaining full custody of his two daughters and becoming a single father, Lamont had neither affordable childcare nor strong family support. With his decrease in household income, the cost of raising children on his own, and a job that didn't pay enough to start, Lamont ultimately became homeless, due to eviction from foreclosure.

Upon entering Charlotte Family Housing (CFH), he lacked transportation, savings and other resources; but CFH promptly connected him with community supports to secure affordable childcare.

Lamont is a hardworking dad, but only had experience working what he called "common jobs," and he desired to learn marketable skills to maintain steady long-term employment with the opportunity for advancement. After CFH housing resource coordinators assisted him in finding permanent housing, one of his job assignments ended, leaving him without income. He, however was committed to creating a good life for his daughters, and through a CFH collaboration with the Goodwill Career Center, Lamont participated in 12 weeks of HVAC training, which positioned him to receive a better job. Soon after his Hope Team partners reached out on his behalf, and provided the social capital support that led Lamont to a position with Piedmont Natural Gas.

While in the program, Lamont's CFH social worker, in collaboration with Common Wealth Charlotte, guided him in repairing his credit, establishing monthly savings, and obtaining a vehicle through Charlotte Family Housing's transportation program, Jumpstart. After his first six months, his pay increased with more room for advancement. Upon completing the CFH program, Lamont was making preparations for home ownership.

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