Charlotte Family Housing Overview

Who We Are

Charlotte Family Housing (CFH) is a shelter-to-housing program for families experiencing homelessness. Founded in 2011, Charlotte Emergency Housing, Family Promise of Charlotte, and the Workforce Initiative for Supportive Housing-W.I.S.H. combined their resources and expertise to address the needs of families experiencing homelessness; CFH was formed.

Our mission is to empower families to achieve life-long self-sufficiency through shelter, housing, supportive services, and advocacy.

Who We Serve

We serve hardworking mothers and fathers who fill critical roles in our community such as: cashiers, bank tellers, teachers, daycare attendants, food service workers, bus drivers, and home health care providers. CFH families, are often suffering in silence under tremendous financial stress. Compensated with low wages and often spending more than 50% of their income on rent, CFH families often experience various types of trauma such as: unexpected loss of income, domestic abuse, family disruptions, reduction in work hours that have CFH families spiraling into homelessness.

What We Do

We enact an empowerment-driven model that is designed to produce healthy measurable and lasting outcomes.