Corporate Partners

We are pleased to have the support of corporate partners, who understand the importance of investing in families in our community. For more information on how your organization can support Charlotte Family Housing, please contact Carlos Navedo at

New Partner Spotlight

In September 2017, a group of 15 Ally Financial employees helped facilitate The Reality of Money Workshop for youth, an evening that simulates what it’s like to earn a paycheck, make financial decisions and balance a budget. Participants included the youth in our program, ages 12-18.

In addition to Ally’s help with the youth event, they held a silent auction at their offices and donated the proceeds to CFH. The money that was donated was used to buy toys for the Jubilee Store, a holiday store hosted by our faith partners that allows our parents to buy Christmas presents for their children at significantly discounted prices.

Thank you to Ally Financial for your support of our mission and of the families we serve.